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AOC launches the world's thinnest LCD monitor in Hong Kong


AOC, one of the top brands in the LCD monitor market, has introduced ultra-slim monitors to Hong Kong – including models that are thinner than an iPad. Backed by 70 years of research, design and manufacturing experience, AOC has announced the launch of 5 new LCD monitor ranges: Razor, ultra-thin at just 1.29cm, takes the lead in the wLED-backlight LCD monitor industry; ECO7, with wLED backlight, manufactured to meet 7 environmental protection goals, includes e-Sensor auto-dimming technology; Luvia, with an innovative crystal-like frame, is slim and fashionable; Maskk features an optional glass screen that is dust- and scratch-proof; and Touchmate, a multi-touch screen ideal for both desktop and notebook computers.

One in every six monitors currently sold in the Asia Pacific region carries the AOC brand. AOC promotes its brand image “Art Of Colors”, with monitors designed to offer “3e” benefits: green, ergonomic and entertaining. Backed by superior technological know-how, AOC is determined to show Hong Kong consumers that LED monitors, with high-end features and display quality, can be affordable.

Ms. Honey Chen, rumoured-to-be girlfriend of Jay Chou, presents the AOC Razor series of monitors at the AOC New Product Launch in Hong Kong. The ultra-slim Razor is one of a range of new AOC monitors featuring LED backlight display panels.

Making miracles: AOC sales grow 200% in 3 years
From 2007 to 2009, AOC’s strategy of “global distribution, local development” has created a miracle in the Asia Pacific region, with sales growing 200%. In 2009 alone, AOC’s 70.2% growth rate took the lead in the monitor industry. According to an IDC survey, AOC accounts for one in every 6 monitors sold in the Asia Pacific region (including PRC), giving AOC second place in the market, with the highest compound growth rate for the region. AOC’s distribution channel extends to 115 countries in North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific and South Africa. In 2009, AOC sold more than 10 million monitors worldwide.

“LOHAS” lifestyle focus
With years of rich manufacturing experience, along with advanced research and development capabilities, AOC not only supplies stylish, easy-to-use displays for entertainment and productivity, but also endeavours to promote a visionary consumer image based on LOHAS (lifestyles of health and sustainability).

Statistics from authoritative research institutes show that 34% of consumers take LOHAS as their most important criteria in choosing a product, with 50% of consumers placing some value on LOHAS concepts – like green environmental factors – in their purchasing choices. This trend supports the AOC 2010 strategy of marketing LED technology, with its superior environmental features, as a mainstream product.

AOC promotes new “3e” concept within “Art Of Colors” lifestyle marketing
According to a Display Search survey, the global LED monitor market penetration rate will approach 5% in 2010, and 10% in 2011. However, AOC is confidently predicting 10% for 2010, with 2011 more likely to reach 30%.

Mr. Tony Li, AOC Monitor Product Vice-Director of Asia Pacific/Middle East/Africa (APMEA), said: “The three major themes for monitors this year are wLED backlight, environmental protection and super-slim format. Therefore, AOC’s new models of monitors this year are echoing these three trends and the products launched are corresponding to the demand. As a leading global monitor brand, AOC pioneers in using the characteristics of wLED backlight to promote our “3e” product concept, representing green living, ergonomic design and entertaining features. AOC introduces various models of LED monitor that are all light, slim, stylish and green, with low power consumption. Compared to traditional LCD monitors with CCFL backlighting, AOC LED-based monitors have made improvements in terms of super-slim design, power-saving environmental protection, vivid colour display and ultra-high dynamic contrast ratio. AOC’s “Art Of Colors” theme and “3e” concept are in line with the lifestyle of the LOHAS generation, who care about environmental protection.”

AOC endeavours to design green products with the lowest power consumption possible. For many people, one unit of power consumption simply means one hour of lighting, but to AOC it means the consumption of 400g of coal and 200g of water; it also means waste discharge like 272g of dust plus 1000g of CO2, 30g of SO2 and 15g of nitrogen oxides. Applying this to its annual sales volume of more than ten million monitors, AOC estimates that LED technology could save more than 260 million units of power every year.

Mr. Tony Li presents AOC’s monitor product strategy.

AOC’s “new vision” under the spotlight as it launches new monitors in Hong Kong
presented by Ms. Honey Chen.
Leading LED technology; top brand in Asia Pacific

AOC has introduced 5 new series of LCD monitor, featuring 9 different models: Razor series – pursuing “Green Life”, it is the world’s slimmest wLED backlight monitor at just 1.29cm; LUVIA series – pioneering style with crystal-like frame, green and environmentally friendly; ECO7 series – manufactured with 7 environmental protection processes to promote green living; Maskk series – taking care of consumers’ concerns with its worry-free protective glass screen; Touchmate series – an entertaining multi-touch screen, ideal for breaking the limitations of notebook displays. All models offer power saving, environmental protection, professional design and innovative technology.

The world’s thinnest: AOC Razor series of wLED backlight LED monitors, thinner than iPad at only 1.29cm

Speaking at AOC’s recent New Product Launch in Hong Kong, Ms. Honey Chen said it is important to go with a reliable brand in choosing monitors; appearance and interior quality are both important. AOC monitors perfectly meet the expectations of this beautiful young lady. As a pioneer in monitor technology, AOC research and development endeavours to offer the latest and best features. The new Razor series – e2343F,e2243Fw, e2043F and e943Fw – are super-slim wLED-backlight monitors, with screen sizes ranging from 19” to 23”. Razor is only 1.29cm slim, thinner than the popular iPad, making it the world’s thinnest wLED-backlight monitor. Besides a super-slim frame, Razor features DCR technology boasting a 50,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio for a clear, bright and sharp display, with 5ms response time ensuring no blurring. In response to the global demand for greener living, Razor uses 100% recyclable packaging material, whilst the wLED backlight panel is Hg-free. The included e-Saver intelligent auto-power software, will shut down the monitor when not in use, to save power. Razor monitors are also designed for easy wall mounting using the smart base.

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