AGON by AOC announces their first mouse to support the NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer feature
AGON by AOC is proud to announce their first mouse to support the innovative NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer feature.

AGON by AOC expands its peripheral arsenal and brings the GM500 to the next level by announcing its compatibility with NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer. This feature is an innovative tool which measures system latency to deliver a precise measure of your PC’s performance allowing gamers to optimize their settings for the best responsiveness.

What is the NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer?

The NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer is a unique technology revealed in 2020 by the American technology company and renowned GPU manufacturer NVIDIA. The tool connects all three elements of a battle-station; the monitor, the mouse, and the PC with its GPU to measure the system latency of the computer. ‘System latency’ refers to the time it takes between a mouse click and the input converted on screen.

The NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer requires compatible equipment to measure the latency. The GM500 gaming mice can be plugged directly to the monitor via USB and register mouse clicks without adding any additional latency.

Test NVIDIA Reflex with the AOC Gaming GM500

The GM500 is the first mouse in AGON by AOC’s range to support the revolutionary NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer. Also, the recently announced AGON PRO AG254FG includes the NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer built-in, providing the necessary hardware to measure latency, ensuring speed for smoother victories with less display latency.

Apart from the latency-measuring feature, the GM500 also stuns with its extremely fast response time of 1ms, extensive 5,000 DPI and precise 100 IPS tracking speed. A dedicated DPI button lets players change the sensitivity on the fly so as to always have the ideal handling in any game and scenario. The mouse is especially designed for those who aim to play at the highest level of competitive gaming and enables precise and rapid input. Additionally, gamers can customize the GM500 to cater their own needs by programming keys and setting the right RGB lighting.